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COO, HR or Operations Director?

Unlock the potential within your hybrid teams

Are your teams fulfilling their potential?

In today's business environment, you need to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer expectations. Many businesses use hybrid teams to achieve this goal, as they offer colleagues more flexibility and the business access to diverse talent.


However, hybrid teams also face unique challenges, including:

  • Communication gaps

  • Coordination issues

  • Isolation

  • Loss of trust

  • Loss of culture


If left untreated these challenges can severely impact your hybrid team's efficiency, quality, innovation, ability to deliver change, and ultimately customer satisfaction.


As a COO, HR professional, or Operations Director, you know how important it is to overcome these challenges to ensure that your hybrid teams work at their best and align with strategic goals. That's why we created the Hybrid Advantage Programme - a proven solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on.


Our programme offers structured ways of working and learning tailored to your team's specific needs, preferences, and contexts. By implementing the Hybrid Advantage Programme, your hybrid team will not only overcome these obstacles but also drive positive change and maintain organisational standards effectively.

Don't let your hybrid team's potential go untapped. Take the first step towards maximising their performance and aligning with your strategic goals.


Our Roadmap for Hybrid Success


Maturity Assessment

Inputs: 2 Day Workshop
Outcomes: Performance report detailing strengths and weaknesses


Improvement Plan

Inputs: Collaborative planning with senior management
Outcomes: Proposed structured ways of working improvement plan detailing; key performance metrics, frameworks, methods, tools, processes, and key learning required to enable to enable high performance.


Design & Implementation

Inputs: Workshops and brainstorming with key team members
Outcomes: Future state processes and learning delivery


Sustainable Hand Over

Inputs: Benefit review and performance against metrics, alignment of
development plans

Outcomes: A handover plan outlining; achieved benefits, new baseline
performance measures and aligned development plans for team
accountability of the ‘Ways of Working’


Capitalise on 

Powerful Advantages

for your teams

Simple dashboards to show their progress at a glance

A greater sense of trust, belonging and purpose

Shared vision and clear communication

Clear understanding of everyone's role

Increased confidence and proficiency 

They know exactly what's expected of them

and for your organisation

Attract, retain and develop top talent

Drive operational excellence

Develop a powerful competitive advantage

Maximise workforce ROI and sustainably increase profits

We do things differently

the old way

  • One-off training sessions

  • Standardised frameworks and methodologies

  • Generic team-building exercises

  • Passive learning, mostly lecture-based

  • Limited follow-up or ongoing support 

  • Generic feedback and recommendations

the new way

  • Bespoke 2-day workshop

  • Customised frameworks and strategies developed collaboratively with senior management

  • Active learning with hands-on exercises facilitated by Value Stream Mapping and other effective tools

  • Continuous follow-up and support to ensure implementation and success

  • Actionable insights and personalised recommendations

Why Go Left?

Click the video to find out:

  • Why our founder Iain John started Go Left 

  • What we do to transform underperforming hybrid teams into high performing ones.


Interested in learning more about the Hybrid Advantage Programme?

The Hybrid Advantage Programme is a proven and effective way to boost your hybrid team's performance and culture, by creating and implementing structured ways of working that are tailored alongside relevant learning experiences specific to your hybrid team's needs, preferences, and contexts.

Select a time that suits for a no obligations chat below.

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