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Business Process Improvement

At Go left, we help businesses improve their processes in two areas: first, 'Operational'
processes that deal with your customers directly and deliver your product or service, and
second, 'Ways of Working', which is how teams plan, prioritise, innovate, and monitor their
work strategically. Having appropriate and efficient processes is the foundation for any

team that wants to perform well and keep improving.


We are experts in this field and combine our experience and knowledge in Lean, Agile

and Six Sigma methodologies to turn ordinary teams into extraordinary.

How does it Work?



It all starts here. Using our assessment tool we spend time interviewing key team members to
understand the work you deliver, existing team structures and dynamics, and any issues or
problems that may be restricting the team's performance.



The results from our assessment will be compiled into a personalised
performance report providing you with detailed recommendations to enhance the
effectiveness of your team.



Equiped with insights from the Performance Report, we construct a clear Delivery Plan. This plan includes; success metrics, project steps, and costs. This phase ensures a transparent roadmap for success.


& Change 

With the green light on the Delivery Plan, our experts dive into Implementation and Change. Collaboratively we lead your team through change management, ensuring a smooth execution of strategies and processes for sustainable change.

Wondering How We Do it?

Our method for turning ordinary teams into high performing teams

Make work meaningful and rewarding through empowerment and common purpose at a team level

Embed effective ways of working by introducing new tools and techniques

Discover your next leader through
our personal approach to development

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