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Unlock the potential within your hybrid teams

We transform ordinary hybrid teams into
high performing hybrid teams.

Are your teams fulfilling their potential?

In today's business environment, you need to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer expectations. Many businesses use hybrid teams to achieve this goal, as they offer colleagues more flexibility and the business access to diverse talent.


However, hybrid teams also face unique challenges, including:

  • Enabling communication

  • Coordinating activities

  • Supporting interactions and connections

  • Building mutual trust

  • Maintaining culture


If left untreated these challenges can severely impact your hybrid team's efficiency, quality, innovation, ability to deliver change, and ultimately customer satisfaction.


You know how important it is to overcome these challenges to ensure that your hybrid teams work at their best and align with strategic goals. That's why we created the Hybrid Advantage Programme - a proven solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on.


Our programme offers structured ways of working and learning tailored to your team's specific needs, preferences, and contexts. By implementing the Hybrid Advantage Programme, your hybrid team will not only overcome these obstacles but also drive positive change and maintain organisational standards effectively.

Don't let your hybrid team's potential go untapped. Take the first step towards maximising their performance and aligning with your strategic goals.


Our Roadmap for Hybrid Success


Define Your Hybrid Advantage

We schedule and facilitate a workshop to define the presence, maturity and effectiveness of each of the aspects of high performing hybrid teams. The outcome from this workshop is a report outlining the aspects that would be best selected for your ‘Hybrid Advantage’ alongside a proposal for stages 2 and 3.


Solve Your Hybrid Advantage

When you have chosen the aspects you want to part of your ‘Hybrid Advantage’ from the report in stage 1, we use Lean thinking and Agile principles to design and introduce the methods, processes and tools that will make your unique structured ways of working. This is a collaborative process that will require both one on one work and team based workshops.


Own Your Hybrid Advantage

A sustainable hand over guide outlining the teams new structured ways of working, operating model, roles and responsibilities, and plan to ensure the change is sustained and refined over time.

Powerful Advantages

for your teams

Simple dashboards to show their progress at a glance

A greater sense of trust, belonging and purpose

Shared vision and clear communication

Clear understanding of everyone's role

Increased confidence and proficiency 

They know exactly what's expected of them

and for your organisation

Attract, retain and develop top talent

Drive operational excellence

Develop a powerful competitive advantage

Maximise workforce ROI and sustainably increase profits

We do things differently

the old way

  • One-off training sessions

  • Standardised frameworks and methodologies

  • Generic team-building exercises

  • Passive learning, mostly lecture-based

  • Limited follow-up or ongoing support 

  • Generic feedback and recommendations

the new way

  • Bespoke 2-day workshop

  • Customised frameworks and strategies developed collaboratively with senior management

  • Active learning with hands-on exercises facilitated by Value Stream Mapping and other effective tools

  • Continuous follow-up and support to ensure implementation and success

  • Actionable insights and personalised recommendations

Why Go Left?

Find out how we transform ordinary hybrid teams into high performing ones.


Let's get to know each other

If you want to optimise your processes, resolve complex business challenges, and enhance team effectiveness, we are here to guide you through the journey.
Select a time that suits for a no obligations chat below.


Teja Hudson

Senior Sustainability Analyst

"Iain has taught me so much about aligning team strategy & purpose, planning work effectively and creating strong frameworks for continuous improvement. He has helped me to understand how continuous improvement works and how to implement systems to drive aligned change.  Iain's unique viewpoint has been extremely valuable to the Workplace team in driving excellence and improving their ways of working, and I am now using this knowledge to help my new team become more strategic in planning our work so we have greater control and can achieve more than ever."

Katie O'Hare

Workplace Estate Analyst

"Iain has so much knowledge on continuous improvement and lean ways of working. He has helped me enhance my skills, performance and my career prospects by encouraging me to plan and improve ways of working which have helped me and the wider team achieve our goals. He challenges and questions in a good way, which really helps drive good conversations."

What do teams say about us?

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